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Glossary of Financial Terms



Raised Check
An item on which the dollar amount has been fraudulently increased.

Rate Change
A transaction that adjusts the interest rate on a loan or deposit account.

Rate Change Notice
A notice sent to customers informing them that their ARI or VRL rates are changing.

Rate Tier
A method of paying interest at different rates based on the balance in an account or in the case of a CCD loan, charging the loan at different rates.

Real Time
A method of data processing where the system acts immediately on data rather than storing it and processing it in batches.

Systematic exclusion of certain geographic areas, usually low risk, low-income neighborhoods, from mortgage investment.

Regional Check Processing Centers (RCPCs)
Special facilities established by the Fed in its 12 districts to expedite the handling, presenting, and collecting of transit checks.

A bank or trust company appointed by a corporation to ensure that the number of shares of outstanding stock does not exceed the authorized limit. A registrar is agent both for the corporation and the latter's stockholders, since it protects the interests of both.

Renewal Notice
A customer mailing produced when a savings certificate renews. This mailing can be generated at maturity stating the account will automatically renew at the end of the grace period OR it can be generated as the result of a manual renewal stating the account has been renewed.

Repo Account (Repurchase Agreement)
Contracts between a seller and a buyer, usually involving federal government obligations. The seller agrees to but back the securities at an agreed upon price after a stated period of time. Repo's often are executed on an overnight basis.

Portions of a bank's funds set aside to meet legal requirements and/or for known or potential expenses or losses.

An official document executed under seal by a corporation, certifying that specified officers can open a bank account for the corporation and conduct business with the bank on its behalf.

Return on Assets (ROA)
A financial measurement that indicates how efficiently a bank's assets are being employed. It is usually calculated by dividing net profits by average total assets.

Return on Equity (ROE)
A financial measurement that indicates how efficiently a bank's equity capital has been invested. It is usually calculated by dividing net profit by net worth.

Revolving Credit
A line of credit extended by a credit facility with a pre-approved amount and no fixed repayment schedule.

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